Stella York bridal gown, 7272

Stella York Event

28th May

We are beyond thrilled to be asked to host a Stella York preview event, taking place at Serendipity Brides on 28th May. This is not like any other event that we have held here so we feel so privileged to be asked! And we would love you to be part of it!

It will be global debut of the proposed 2023 collection

Imagine being able to try on a dress that has only just been designed, that no one else has ever seen or will see for months! Imagine being part of deciding whether that dress makes the final cut! Imagine also being able to CHOOSE one of these dresses for yourself!

Must have Criteria …
You must have at least 8 months until your wedding

You must be ready to say “Yes” to the dress (these dresses can only be ordered at this event and won’t be available in store for at least another 6-9 months and some will not make the final cut so may never be available again)

You must understand that this event is to try Stella York dresses only

Book now below. The Stella York event will appear on the drop down in list of appointment types